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A London Guide / FAQs


Below is a list of questions that we are frequently asked, if you have a question that isn't answered here please fill in our contact us form.

London Pass

Q. Can I buy a London Pass when I am in London?

A. Yes, but it will not contain the travel element, so it is recommended that you purchase it in advance online.

Q. I am leaving this Friday from the USA for London, there is not enough time for the London Pass to be sent to me through the post, if I order online how do I receive the London Pass?

A. After you purchase your London pass online you will receive a voucher by e-mail which you take along to the Britain Visitor Centre, No.1 Regent Street, London, SW1. Where you can redeem your voucher in exchange for your London Pass and Travelcard.

Q. I plan on purchasing the London Pass for a 6 day period in London, and wish to take a tour of the State Rooms at Buckingham Palace. Is Buckingham Palace open all year and do I have to specify a specific day and time of my visit when I purchase my London Pass?

A. Buckingham Palace is only open to the public between 5th August and the 29th September (9.30am to 4.00pm). London Pass holders must obtain their tickets from the Ticket Office in Green Park on the day of their visit. Tickets are subject to availability and a timed ticketing system operates with customers being allocated the first available time. Tickets can only be obtained with 2,3 or 6 day London Passes

Disabled Visitors

Q. I am a disabled person who is interested in visiting the attractions. Can you please tell me where I can find details about which of the attractions are fully accessible?

A. A good place to start is Artsline, who offer free information and advice for people with disabilities on all aspects of London arts and entertainment including, museums, galleries, concert halls, theaters and cinemas.

Contact Info:
54 Charlton St
+44(0)20 7388 2227 (Telephone)
+44(0)20 7383 2653 (Fax)

A book which might also be useful is Access in London that was written and researched by people with disabilities.


Q. I will be in London in July and would like to take the EuroStar over to Paris, stay over night, etc. Is there a site or a place I can set this up before my arrival?

A. Yes, you can set this up at the Rail Europe website. Where you can purchase tickets for the Eurostar online either separately or as part of a package including accommodation.


Q. I'm a teacher of English at a public school in Barcelona, Spain. Next month 45 students and 4 teachers will come to London for a week. We would like to visit The British Museum and The Science Museum, just to look around it for a while but I'm not sure if both museums are still free. Could you please answer this for me?

A. Currently both The British Museum and The Science Museum are free. If you look through our museum section you will find others that are also free to enter, such as the Victoria & Albert Museum which is located just around the corner from The British Museum and The Science Museum.


Q. Can you tell me please if London is on Euro Dollars? I will be traveling to London, Paris and Rome so I am trying to find out if the money will all be the same.

A. We still use the Pound here in London, we are part of Europe, but have
not adopted the Euro currency. Which means that you will have to get two currencies from the bank the Euro and the Pound. Some shops in the West End (our downtown) will except the Euro currency, but they will still give you your change in pounds and pence.

Q. Do USA citizens receive a refund of VAT tax paid on hotel rooms in London?

A. Unfortunately, taxes are one of those certain things in life, VAT tax is due on hotel rooms regardless of country of origin.


Q. I was on holiday in London and bought some souvenirs i.e. plastic guard dolls and English buses etc. I have been looking everywhere for them online.

A. You can buy London souvenirs online at the London Souvenir Shop they have a large range of souvenirs including plastic guard dolls and English buses.

Outside London:

Q. Thanks for your informative newsletter. I'll be visiting London for 5 days but would also like to see some of the surrounds. Do you have any suggestions?

A. Have a look at our Outside London Section which lists lots of places and attractions that are located just outside London and further afield.


Q. Could you please let me know of any companies who give in depth tours of London? And where can find out about Jack the Ripper Tours?

A. The Concierge Desk website is the ideal place to visit to find out about tours both inside and outside London. As well as tours of Leeds Castle, Stone Henge and Canterbury they do an evening jack the ripper tour in London.


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